Monday, 5 March 2018

Movie Review: The Circle (2017)

Image: The Circle movie posterImagine what Facebook and Google might become in the near future, with a missionary zeal to compel the entire world to share everything, all the time. That’s what David Eggers did in his 2011 cautionary cyber-‘satire’ The Circle, brought to the screen with director James Ponsoldt and the star power of Emma Watson and Tom Hanks.

Cross The Social Network with a cyber-thriller such as, err, The Net and see an uber-Facebook-Google-Apple tech-giant get carried away with itself with disastrous consequences.

Not dead yet...

Image: news icon Was it really February 2017? The Last Post?

Err... yeah.

What happened? A lot and a little.

Stay tuned, there's still a lot of tech going on, I just don't have the time to write it all up like I used to. You can skip past the domestic update if you want...

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Review: LXLE 16.04.01 Desktop

LXLE is an easy-to-use, lightweight desktop Linux distribution based on Lubuntu; an Ubuntu re-spin using the LXDE desktop environment, it is aimed at reviving or extending the life of ageing computers. It follows the same LTS schedule as Ubuntu to ensure stability, as well as hardware and software support.

The current release, LXLE 16.04.1 "Eclectica" was published July, 2016, and when you look at the installed set of software, 'eclectica' is an apt description of this Lubuntu re-spin.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How-to: De-bunk Search Engine Indexing

It's come around again. That question. How do you get a good listing in the search engines? How do the search engines index the web? Why can't I see my site? Do I need to employ one of those Search Engine Optimisation companies (short answer: NO!)?

Forget the SEO merchants, a good search ranking depends on two things: good content and a good description of that content. Will that guarantee you spot at the top of the first page of results? No; there are no guarantees in this life and certainly ont on the web. Can you push up onto that first page? Maybe. If you match precisely what users searching are for.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Full Circle Magazine Issue 116 available now

Full Circle 116 cover thumb
Happy New Year to all Full Circle-ists; December may have passed but Full Circle 116 is still here.

This month:
  • Command & Conquer
  • How-To : Python (Arduino), LaTeX With Zim, and Program With FreePascal
  • Graphics : Inkscape
  • ChromeCult: Zoho Docs
  • Linux Labs: Zoomtak T8H V8 Android Box
  • NEW! KODI Room: Tips & Tricks
  • Review: miniTube
  • Ubuntu Games: OpenRA

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Insert Twitter Widget on Blogger (fixed)

Some time ago Twitter decided to break the widgets on Blogger because it wanted to retain control over the dissemination of content (and probably because Twitter and Google fell out).

There's a bunch of new - compatible - Twitter widgets out there, variously chargeable or over-branded services and you know what - can't be bothered with 'em. I've gone back to the native Twitter API for my Twitter widget because it's easy...

Welcome to 2017

The money-pit continues to soak up time and money; time I now have, since I gave up trying to do three people's jobs; money I don't have since I gave up the job and voluntarily made myself one of the unemployed.

We also had visitors over Christmas. Two sets of visitors. My parents, so all work on the house closed down.

And the critters. My parents went home at New Year. The critters didn't.